Aquatic Running

Aquatic Physiotherapy or Hydrotherapy is a programme that has been designed by Physiotherapists and takes place in a purpose built, suitably heated pool. The programme utilises the varied properties of water to help maximise function.  While Aquatic Therapy has historically been used in the main for rehabilitation of injuries and chronic conditions it is now recognised as an excellent place for athletes to perform up to 30% of their weekly training.  The reduced joint loading achieved through aquatic running provides a low impact aerobic workout and as a consequence also significantly reduces injury rates.

The properties of water that make this possible are  Hydrostatic pressure, buoyancy, drag, resistance,  water temperature,  density,  metacentre, turbulence,  flow and friction.

Aquatic cross training can sustain or even build aerobic fitness along with extra benefits of reduced joint  loading , decreased muscle soreness and improved performance.  Biomechanics of running in water  are  improved, especially upper body mechanics.

Main benefits of Aquatic Training (Aqua Running) include:
  • Improved biomechanics
  • Excellent Strength & Conditioning workout
  • Fine tuned running  technique
  • Active recovery from strenuous workouts or  races
  • Improved Spinal Mobility
  • Better Dynamic Flexibility
  • Fitness improvement with reduced impact loading
  • Improved respiratory muscle training
  • Injury prevention
  • Reduced impact and joint loading
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Social component as runners of all abilities can train together
Lisa Kernan & Associates have designed a training programme that takes into account hydrodynamic principles, physiological response, proper biomechanics and methods of prescribing exercise in this unusual environment.  Aqua running belts are provided to facilitate both deep and shallow water workouts.

Prior to commencing the sessions all participants will be required to complete a medical screening form to determine any relevant issues that may need to be considered.

For details of the next Aquatic Running course please contact the practice  on (01) 833 7809 or  086 9228957.
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