1. Do I need a referral from a GP?
Both Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy can be accessed directly without a referral, or via your GP or Consultant with a referral letter.
2.  What health insurance companies do you deal with?
Reimbursement   for treatment costs are possible via all major insurance companies including VHI, LAYA Healthcare, and Irish Life Health. The level of reimbursement depends on your individual insurance policy.  Some policies have an excess while others have no excess.   The Hospital Saturday Fund, Garda Medical Aid and ESB also provide reimbursement.
3.  How do I claim TAX RELIEF?
All patients are entitled to tax relief on physiotherapy fees by submitting a MED 1 form to The Revenue. Currently you can claim back 20% of your costs with no excess.
4.  Do you do Home visits or Nursing home visits?
YES please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
5.  What is Dry Needling?
A newer technique than acupuncture based on western medicine principles and research.  Dry needling is also called trigger point needling as the needles are inserted directly at the myosfascial trigger points. Useful in treating acute injuries and chronic conditions which are resilient to other treatments.

6.  How long does Physio treatment take?
We allocate 30 minutes to each treatment session. Specific arrangements can be made if an hour is required (particularly if more than one area requires treatment).

7 . What can I expect when I receive treatment?
Via a thorough assessment, we aim to provide each patient with a diagnosis of their condition, an individual treatment plan with approximate duration and likely prognosis. We will discuss every stage with you and reassess at each treatment. The treatment effects will be monitored and adjusted if necessary to ensure that agreed and realistic outcomes can be achieved.

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