Below you can see just some of the testimonials from some of our clients.



Bernie M - Post hip replacement
“I attended Lisa following a total hip replacement for Physiotherapy and I found her treatment excellent.  Her Hydrotherapy sessions have been particularly beneficial.  My recovery has been vastly improved because of our sessions.  I am now so much stronger and more mobile.  I feel she has prepared me for the work I must do on my own now.  I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Mary C. - Osteoarthritis in knee
“Just to say, once again, a big thank you!  I said to my GP that I feel like I have my life back again.” 

Terry M. - Multiple sclerosis
“I discovered the huge benefits of Hydrotherapy which I attend for Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. On land it’s pretty obvious I have a mobility problem, but in the pool I turn into a veritable water baby.  Under Lisa’s guidance and using the resistance of the water, we work on core stability, ease out aching muscles and even sprint!  As class numbers are kept small, we each get individual attention from Lisa as she introduces new challenges and variations adapted to our individual ailments.” 



Colette M (after 4 sessions is now swimming independently)
"After a serious operation for a brain tumour, and finding myself unable to swim, I attended Lisa's PhysioSwim.  Under Lisa's guidance and patience, I regained my confidence and am happy to say that I can now return to swimming."



Jennifer F - Age 39. Post Discectomy 16 years ago. On 3rd pregnancy currently
Lisa is an excellent physiotherapist. Her intuition and professionalism combined with her realistic understanding of her patient's needs, abilities and lifestyle enable her to devise a hands-on treatment plan that delivers optimum results. I have recommended Lisa to family and friends requiring physiotherapy. They all have been immensely impressed with her skills and the results achieved.

Kathleen G. - Age 90 post knee replacement
“Lisa recently attended me for Physiotherapy and treatment took place in my home as I had been housebound for almost a year. I had a knee replacement 9 months previously.  Following 10 treatments, I am now painfree and am able to go out for walks again. Thank you Lisa for your excellent treatment, warm receptive listening skills, and absolute professionalism” 

Dermot F - Marathon runner with sporting injuries
“Many thanks for the excellent care you have delivered to me over the past 5 years as a busy 45 year old executive with numerous sporting activities. Your advice has been simple but effective and all my injuries were sorted quickly and efficiently.  Your service doesn’t stop at the physical injuries, the positive encouragement is excellent also.  I have been recommending you to everyone I meet.” 
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